Matter Lays Flat

by Dada Trash Collage



Dada Trash Collage
Matter Lays Flat
Written by William Freed and Richard Bell
Produced by Scott Colburn and Dada Trash Collage
Mixed by Scott Colburn at Gravel Voice in Seattle,WA
Saxaphone : Seth Phillips
Original Artwork by: Michael Kondel
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, NY


What is it that happens at the edges of a black hole
(matter lays flat)
Well maybe matter lays flat spinning round and round
Whatever goes up always comes back down

So then where'd you place your value at
Well I locked it up in solid cast gold
Lay it down flat, why don't you lay it down flat
And we'll weigh it pound for pound
Your value goes up until it comes back down

Because you can't escape your own forces of gravity
When you know that you are the source of all
All of the good, and the bad that you see

There's a tree in the forest that falls
But it doesn't need you to hear it's final sound
The tree in the forest that falls
Really doesn't need you to hear its final sound
Whatever goes up always comes back down

And still
Like a statue standing tall and standing cold
You never look back at your traveled ground
Whatever holds tight always comes un-wound

Lady please don't touch that duck It's not sick, oh no it's not dieing
I think it's just laying eggs but what am I, I'm only human anyways
Take a look at that I know we've been around and seen some strange things
But rarely do they bring a smile to my face on a boring day
Have a quick smoke, then we'll get it done quick
I promise we're trying but sometimes we need a break because
Still we'll try to be super human anyways
Walking into town and y'all don't know that I've been around
Walking into town and lord knows that I've been around
You can do what you wan't with it
As long as I don't know
I don't have to care, and I don't know

Just don't do what you're doing now


released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Dada Trash Collage Michigan

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